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                The 7th ASEAN - China Young Leaders Exchange Festival Closing Ceremony held at University of Sanya

                2019/8/19 10:26:37

                On the evening of August 15th, The 7th ASEAN - China Young Leaders Exchange Festival Closing Ceremony held at University of Sanya. More than 100 representatives from 7 ASEAN countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and students form  universities of Hainan province participated in this festival.




                Madam Gu Xiulian, Former Vice Chairperson of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress, President of the ASEAN - China Association and Director of the Working Committee for the Care for the Next Generation of China. Mr.Guan Jinping, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial People’s Congress and Mr. Shen Jianyong, Vice president of University of Sanya attend the closing ceremony.


                Madam Gu Xiulian giving a speech to representatives

                Mr. Shen Jianyong giving a speech to representatives

                During the closing ceremony, the representatives watched the short film together, reviewed the scenes of travel in Haikou, Qionghai, and Sanya, explored Hainan’s history, culture, and economic and social development in the past five days. After that, representatives enjoyed performance together.

                Singing and Dancing Performance

                 Representatives Visiting University of Sanya